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Learn to spin Nunchakus, strike a Bo Staff, slice with Kamas and Cut with a Sword in our explosive weapons class.  This is a non-contact class where the weapons are used for performance purposes only. Ever wanted to become a Jedi Knight or a Samurai Master? Then this is your chance.

Suitable for ages 4 years plus, our instructors will teach students the basic strikes and moves with four different weapons including the ancient Nunchakus made famous by action star Bruce Lee.

Once students have mastered the basics they will move swiftly on to releases, body rolls and more complex manoeuvres with their chosen weapon. Alongside the weapon techniques students will be introduced to the Martial Arts stances that are used with their new found weapon skills.

Students are encouraged with guidance of our World Champion instructors to choreograph their  very own routine to music. This is a fun and enjoyable experience which builds students self-confidence,
co-ordination, creativity and provides  a sense of achievement.  Students can, if they wish, pursue their weapons routine further by competing in the discipline at  National and even International tournaments with support from our instructors.

This class provides an opportunity for students wanting to learn Martial Arts without any physical contact but still gaining the benefits of training.

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Then choose your weapon and learn the way of the warrior now.  

Every Wednesday 4.30pm - 5.30pm

“ My son joined Infinity Martial Arts 5 years ago, he’s never looked back. It has massively helped with his self-confidence. He’s been competing for the last 3 years and last year he became ISKA World Champion all thanks to Sensei Joe Hallett ”

Leanne Male
(Mother of Aiden Male)

Sensei Joe Hallett
Winning the
“Bruce Lee Challenge”
in front of 20,000 people at the prestigious
Bercy Festival Of
Martial Arts